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Taste Bingo

Play Taste of Muskegon Bingo to support our restaurants and you could win a prize!

How to Play

1. Visit a restaurant in each column of the Taste of Muskegon bingo card (they don't need to be in the same row).

2. Make a purchase of food, drinks, gift cards or holiday gifts at each of the 5 restaurants from January 3-29, 2022.

3. Check-in at the location by scanning their Taste Bingo QR code. 

4. Winners of $25 restaurant gift cards will be announced on the Taste of Muskegon Facebook page on February 11.

You'll earn an entry for every set of five restaurants (one in each column) that you visit!

Taste of Muskegon Bingo Card


Participating Restaurants

While we work hard to keep all restaurant information up-to-date, things can change quickly. Have fun and keep supporting all of our locally-owned and operated businesses. They are what keep Muskegon a wonderful place to live, play and eat.  

Navigating with our map is really easy. You can click a pin to learn more about the restaurant at that location. Click the sidebar menu icon on the left of the gray bar, then select the eatery by name to find where they are located. To see a larger version of the map, click the box icon at the far right of the gray bar to open to a full-screen map. 

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