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2024 Awards

Every year, local restaurants and food trucks sharpen their knives and compete for the coveted Taste of Muskegon Plate Awards!

We had 30 contenders in 2024, and these flavorful folks were the winners:

People's Choice

1. She's Divine Cuisine
2. Thai Cottage Cuisine 

Best Taste

1. Hamburger Mikey: Burmese Red Pork Stew Slider

2. Tiki Boiz: Bulgogi Cheesesteak Eggroll

Best New Bite

1. Smokin On the Lakeshore: Chorizo Burger
2. Thai Cottage Cuisine: Panang Curry

Best Dessert

1. Frostbite Shaved Ice: Strawberry Sensation
2. Big Tuck's Food Truck - Dessert Chicken and Waffle Strip

Best Budweiser Beer and Links

1. She's Divine Cuisine: Brisket Burrito and Mac
2. Smokin’ on the Lakeshore: Smoked Chicken Shawarma Burrito Bowl

Best Fresh Bite

1. Colby's Cafe & Brew: Caprese Skewers

2. Oh Brothers/Little Brothers Food Trailer: Fiesta Bowl

Best Booth

1. Colby's Cafe & Brew

2. Pilar's Empanadas Argentinas Gourmet


1. Pilar's Empanadas Argentinas Gourmet

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